Back in February I decided my health and wellness was in need of a makeover. I had a gym membership for over 2 years that  I think was used a total of 6 times. One of my problems was that I just couldn’t get a babysitter and daycare at the gym is too expensive. Everyday, I felt a little guilty for not working out or doing anything for myself to promote health.

A girl I know was constantly posting about her fitness journey and Beachbody on Facebook. Based on what I saw, I felt like what she was doing, was something that would be realistic for me to do. I couldn’t help but be inspired.  I wanted it in on whatever it was she was doing .  Not only did it seem like her physical health is on point  but it appeared that her mental health was too. She was probably one of the most positive individuals I’ve ever  been subject to. So on a whim I decided to reach out to her. I knew I wanted to get my fitness right. I also knew that I wanted to start eating clean. I knew that I wanted to lead by Design so that my children would develop good habits. I didn’t know that I wanted to participate in a nutritional /supplement meal replacement. When my coach for Beachbody suggested I used Shakeology in addition to my workouts and clean eating habits ,I really was not interested. Tried to refuse it but she was very adamant about how amazing this product was and how it would improve my ability to reach my health goals. Eventually I agreed to give it a try. There was a 30-day return time and I just thought what the heck? let’s give this a whirl.

My initial thought upon drinking my first shake was this stuff doesn’t taste that bad but is it really something that I need or want every day? Maybe I can get it bi- monthly &  just drink it when I want. Well here I am 5 months later and I can’t tell you how much I love this product. Not only has it helped me replace a meal a day so I can focus on eating really clean the other two. It really helped me kick my sugar addiction. This is definitely more information than you’d like to know but I  feel like it’s made my digestion much better and by that, I mean I crap regularly.

Anyhow, my intention for making this post is that  I really wanted to write a review about my new strawberry shakeology. I wanted to be able talk about how much I absolutely loved my new flavor. However, despite the beautiful picture I took of my shake, it tasted really bad to me. Im going to try it again tomorrow. Maybe with just a banana and water  and ice and see how I like it. Yesterday I added some of my homemade strawberry jam and it was just too sweet it was absolutely gross . As of right now I’m in love with my chocolate Shakeology.

Here’s my favorite recipe

1 scoop of chocolate shakeology

12 oz of water

5 oz of coconut milk

Half a banana

1/2 table spoon of almond butter

I blend mine in my ninja and add ice cubes. You can obviously add your ice right to it and make it more like a frappuccino but I just like mine iced.



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